Sunday, March 25, 2012

Some of my writing

Behind the scenes
She’s just another kid. She does her work quietly, she dresses plainly. She does nothing to stand out. She blends into the crowd. Nobody sees her stepping out. Nobody thinks she’s special; but she’s simply extraordinary. When nobody’s looking she’s the girl who helps the teacher out. She’s the one living behind the scenes. The one making sure the people in the spot lights light shines a little brighter. She doesn’t look out for personal gain. She cares nothing for personal status only helping others achieve. She lives behind the scenes helping everyone.

Little by little they take my control. They change me to be like them; stealing my personality, my individuality. They try to control me to force me to conform and be like them. They tell me what I do is wrong, turn others against me. They say I can’t be who I am. They try to break me down, force me to change. I will not let them! The can not tell me who I am. I am who I am, who God created me to be. God can not make mistakes ever. Who I am, the way I am is right. Nobody can force me into that cheap cookie cutter mold. I was made to be different I will stand up for my God and what I believe. I am an original creative person nobody can break me down. I will not conform.

We think we are always right, even when were not. We love deeply. We fight over stupid things and don’t all forgive easily. But out biggest flaw, our biggest cause of hurt is our emotions. On the outside we have it all together, everything is perfect. On the inside, we crave affection, love, and, acceptance. We torture ourselves, saying we’re no good nobody loves us, we’re fat. All because we don’t feel loved or we are greedy for more. We pretend like nothing gets to us, nobody knows about the nights we spend crying about what has been said to us. We are like glass diamonds. We see only our flaws, we look tough unbreakable, yet we are fragile.

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