Tuesday, April 10, 2012

New creation

If any man be in Christ he is a new creation. This verse (2 Corinthians 5:17) means more to some than to others. For example, I got saved at an early age, because of that Christ made me a new creation, but I didn’t have some huge sin debt to get over. I hadn’t had a chance to mess up my life or get into “serious sin” on the other hand; a friend of mine just recently got saved, she’s a teenager she has some bad habits that were fine or a lost person but not acceptable for a Christian. She has some skeletons in her closet she has to get over and give to God. For me being a new creation wasn’t near as significant as it was for her. She realized God had forgiven her; He has made her a new creation, her old sins and mistakes are passed away. God forgives everyone who comes to Him, if there young and innocent like I was or who ever in your mind is the worst possible person ever. To God our sins are equal. Although it’s easier for me to overcome my past, I am no better in God’s eyes, or I would be, but God has forgiven me and washed me white as snow in His blood shed on the cross. God is willing to make us all new creations if only we come to Him by faith. No matter what you’ve done be it big or small God can and will forgive you if only you ask and believe in Him.

Lamp to our feet

God is a lamp to our feet. A guy brought this out in a message in youth group last night. God has a plan for us; He created a path for us to take. He lights for us only what is directly in front of us; He is a light to our path not our horizon. God has a plan, His will is for us to become little Christ’s that’s what being Christian means! As we follow this path He is leading us; there are going to be trials and struggles along the way, but He placed them there for us to grow in Him. He’s there walking us through every step; always there when we need Him and when we think we don’t. He may not revile Himself in the way we want, but He’s there, the whispering to us. God’s path is perfect; all we have to do is follow it. He will revile His plan for us bit by bit as we are ready. He will always light what we need that is in front of us like He promised; He never promised to be a light to our horizon. So let’s worry about the trials He has set before us, we will see what’s on the horizon when we get there.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Can a dragon judge osmusa

"Can a dragon judge osmusa?" This is a line from one of my favriot books, Fairest by Gale Carlson Lewis, I think. Anyway the main character Aza thinks she's really ugly and she's always told by her mother I believe "Can a dragon judge osmusa?" I' ve always just sort of thought "oh that's cool" but I never really thought about it. Today, someone who has never read my writing told me it sucked and that's when I got it. How can this person rightly judge my writing when they have no clue what it's like. From now on I'm going to try or check out something before i judge it.